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Recent Marine Water Quality Information

(Dissolved Oxygen and E.coli in marine waters)

What are Dissolved Oxygen and E.coli?

Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and E.coli are two important parameters indicating the general conditions of the water and its health risk to the public.

Dissolved Oxygen indicates the total amount of oxygen dissolved in the water. Most marine organisms need oxygen for respiration and maintenance of life.

E.coli is a kind of bacteria found in human faeces, often used as an indicator of sewage pollution. A higher E.coli count indicates greater faecal contamination and higher health risk.

The recent DO and E.coli data at selected stations in 10 Water Control Zones are available on this web page.

(Please use UTF-8 encoding to view result)

"Remark : No monitoring was conducted at marine monitoring station MM15 in October 2008 due to adverse weather."
Map of Water Control Zone
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